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National Women’s Business Scholarships FAQs



Q: I am having trouble with my application, what can I do?
A: We are sorry to hear that. Please reach out to Cat Matthews from our team at e: cat@inspiringrarebirds.com or m: 0432 872 100 

Q: Can my business partner and I create a joint application?
A: Great question. As the mentor is for your personal business goals, we are only taking individual applications. We would encourage you and your business partner to both submit an application. That way, hopefully both of you can receive a mentor!

Q: How do you define low socio-economic status?
A: We don’t have a set definition of low socio-economic status. In the application form there will be a place for you to let us know why you believe you qualify as low socio-economic status.

Q: What is your definition of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander?
A: We use the ABS definition of Indigenous status of a person, which is that status is determined by their response to the ABS Standard Indigenous Question, which asks whether a person is of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin. 

Q: Am I based in rural, regional, or remote Australia?
A: We have identified places defined as Metropolitan across Australia. These are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, as well as Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast/Tweed Heads, Geelong, and Townsville-Thuringowa. If you do not live in these areas, then you qualify as living in a rural, regional, or remote area of Australia.