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Develop business confidence and a growth mindset with the help of an experienced mentor. Learn methodologies that support your business to scale and succeed.

Connect with industry leading experts to excel your business or entrepreneurial journey.
A strong network is essential not only to feel supported and less ‘alone’ as a small business owner, but also as a great source of clients, suppliers and strategic partners.
Small business mentoring is a great exchange of ideas, perspectives, and practical tools that develops both entrepreneurial thinking in both the Mentor and Mentee.
Find methodologies that your business needs to scale and succeed and supercharge your network
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Our Mentors

Rare Birds mentors are a diverse group of highly experienced leaders and entrepreneurs.
Here is a sample of the people you could be mentored by.
Jo Burston - Founder and CEO Rare Birds

Jo Burston

Founder and CEO Rare Birds
Dave Clare

Dave Clare

Founder and CEO
Circle Leadership Global
Emma Tomlin

Emma Tomlin

Strategic Partner Development Manager - Recruit - ISV Microsoft teams
Hichame Assi

Hichame Assi

Hotels Combined
Rachel Tschannen

Rachel Tschannen

HR Director
APAC, Meltwater
parallax background

Corporate organisations who trust us to deliver on their diversity and inclusion
objectives, drive talent retention and business growth.