A CSR partnership with Rare Birds positions your organisation as a champion of change that is committed to diversity and inclusion.

“Organisations are no longer assessed based only on traditional metrics such as financial performance, or even the quality of their products or services. Rather, organisations today are increasingly judged on the basis of their relationships with their workers, their customers, and their communities, as well as their impact on society at large – transforming them from business enterprises into social enterprises.”

Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2018

Rare Birds offers two CSR programs for companies to access as part of their strategy to make a positive impact on the community:


Cohorts of senior leaders within a company can volunteer two hours per month for 12 months in our Mentoring Program that is promoting diversity and inclusion in business and supporting emerging leaders – mostly women, but not exclusively – in a corporate setting. Once the cohort has created their online profiles, our team connects emerging leaders with the mentor who can create the most impact on their personal and business growth and provides ongoing support with content, goal setting, chat forums and check-in surveys to chart progress. Matches are based on skill set, personality, experience, and business needs, rather than industry. This has been found to enhance innovation and creativity. At the conclusion of the 12-months, an impact report will be delivered to show how the mentors have made a difference to the business know-how and confidence of others.
“Mentoring is important because it’s about not pulling up the ladder once you get to the top. It’s about sharing how we got here, so others can scale the rock face too. I am so fortunate that I had informal mentoring and support throughout my career, all the ups and downs. In particular when you’re running your own business, it can be a lonely road at times. Mentoring in any form can make all the difference.“

Caroline Bowler, CEO, BTC Markets


Rare Birds also offers companies the option of creating a co-branded program sponsoring women entrepreneurs from marginal demographics: rural and regional; indigenous; migrant; low socio-economic; or disabled, to receive a 12-month Rare Birds Mentoring Program as well as a series of business education masterclasses. This is a highly impactful program that has already improved the economic security and personal growth of more than 1800 women across Australia. The data we collect from these programs inform us of the pain points that women feel in business and we are able to tailor the program to suit these needs. As well as their own individual hurdles, we have found women are often held back by shortfalls in tech and financial literacy, as well as access to funding. Remote and regional women can also feel very isolated and lack a connected community of peers to support them. Through this program, women are connected with senior level professionals from all over Australia who want to help women succeed. That’s why our program is so impactful. Put simply, it is an absolute game-changer.
“Before this program, I struggled with the concept of personal brand and self-promotion in business. As a direct result of implementing the skills I learnt throughout this program, both the firm’s and my personal public profiles were substantially boosted. Not only did I gain knowledge and skills in marketing me and the business, I gained confidence in putting it into practice. As a result my public profile was boosted significantly and my business has (no joke) doubled in size.”

Leah Cameron, Owner of Marrawah Law, a multi-award winning Indigenous legal practice and 2018 scholarship recipient.