Rare Birds offers world-class mentoring programs that are fully managed and measured for both small businesses and corporate organisations.

Mentors are matched with Mentees using a sophisticated algorithm and online community platform - exclusive to Rare Birds in Australia - based on professional needs, business challenges, operating styles, personality traits and goal casts.
Our CSR programs also allow senior leaders and corporate employees to volunteer to mentor an emerging leader from a different industry to make a positive impact on the community.
These programs are set up for success with face-to-face interviews and regular reporting with a dedicated Partnership Manager from the Rare Birds team.
Our practical workshops and masterclasses impart priceless skills for growing a business and help develop true diversity and inclusion within workforces.

Develop business confidence and a strategies for growth with the help of an experienced mentor.

With Rare Birds mentoring programs you will learn methodologies that support your business to scale and succeed.
Connect with industry leading experts to excel your business or entrepreneurial journey.
Mentors open doors! A strong network is essential not only to feel supported and less ‘alone’ as a small business owner, but also as a great source of clients, suppliers and strategic partners.
Small business mentoring programs are a great exchange of ideas, perspectives, and practical tools that develop innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in both the Mentor and Mentee.
Set goals, be held accountable, receive guidance, take action and see the success that follows.

Reward your emerging leaders and impact your diversity and inclusion goals with 12-month high impact mentoring programs.

Corporate mentoring programs are proven to drive tangible results, increase talent retention, commercial value and innovation in individuals and teams across organisations.
Our 12-month corporate mentoring programs match cohorts of 20-50 Mentees within an organisation with high calibre Mentors from the Rare Birds community who help emerging leaders drive forward business and leadership outcomes.
Rare Birds also offers two CSR programs which allow senior leaders to volunteer to mentor an emerging leader from a different industry to make a positive impact on the community.
A partnership with Rare Birds positions your organisation as a champion of change that is committed to diversity and inclusion.

Corporate organisations who trust us to deliver on their diversity and inclusion
objectives, drive talent retention and business growth.