The Rare Birds Global Ambassador program has been established to grow our community globally, and provide resources and support to female entrepreneurs in their local regions – whether they be metro, regional or rural-based.

Through this program, we aim to:

  • Connect and support our community through events and networking opportunities
  • Provide access to critical components of entrepreneurship, including education, funding, mentoring and storytelling
  • Create collaborative, engaged communities of women entrepreneurs and their supporters throughout the world

Rare Birds Ambassadors are male and female thought leaders, captains of industry and world- class innovators who are influencing the global entrepreneurial landscape. They are well- connected within their local community, strongly aligned with Rare Birds’ vision and mission, and are all about diversity and inclusion - regionally, nationally and globally.

Becoming a Rare Birds Ambassador provides the opportunity to reinforce and align your personal brand with an organisation who are thought leaders in the space of women and entrepreneurship.

Please complete this form to apply to become a Rare Birds Ambassador and licensee of your very own rare Birds site and community! Once completed, the team at Rare Birds will contact you. Be sure to share globally within your networks!