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Dave Clare – Rare Birds Ambassador, Perth

Dave Clare Rare Birds Ambassador

Dave Clare Rare Birds Ambassador

“Purpose, Leadership, and Simplicity are the keys to success in shaping your business evolution.”


For well over two decades, Dave Clare has been at the coalface of leadership. He is a practitioner that has led multiple businesses in and through commercially and organisationally challenging times. It’s one thing to claim expertise and experience through a range of challenging business environments, but it’s quite another to understand them, digest them, and guide people through them with a simplicity and focus that always points to purpose.

Bringing care, compassion and an urgency to his process, Dave’s legacy in the making is one of achievement, fulfilment and joy in the workspace. Dave’s process works because they matter to everyone – clients, teams, leaders, everybody!

As the CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership, he also has the roles of:

  • Ambassador (Pacific Region) for the Global Company Culture Association 
  • Ambassador for Inspiring Rare Birds
  • Ambassador for Smile Koomba
  • Mentor with the WAPOL
  • Master Mentor with Next Level Mentoring
  • Mentor with Inspiring Rare Birds programs for female leaders in Australia

Dave is often a sought-after Keynote Speaker and is a:

  • published author of SIMPLIFIED
  • a Co-author of FIT-FOR-PURPOSE LEADERSHIP (Best Seller)
  • a Co-author of PANDEMIC PLAYBOOK – What to do when you haven’t got a f#cking clue
  • a Co-author of PIVOT & GROW
  • a Co-author of WOMEN LEADING. MORE. NOW (Bestseller)
  • currently working on his next book; YOU CAN’T BOSS SOMEONE INTO GREATNESS.

He is the creator of:

  • Circle of Organizational Leadership™
  • Business Evolution Roadmap™
  • NEXT90™ Business Evolution System
  • Leadership Evolution Action Plan™
  • The Purpose Model™
  • The Evolution of Business Show podcast.

Dave is also Father of the Year 23 years in a row and Husband of the Year 13 times in the past 15 years. A mad Elvis impersonator and professional golf wannabe.

If you would like to join us as a Rare Birds Ambassador and make an impact on economic equality, we would love to hear from you! We are looking for champions of change who will advocate for us, amplify our message and help us reach more female founders, innovators and leaders. Get in touch HERE.