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‘Our social background helped frank body flourish’



Erika Geraerts spotted a gap in the market and went for it. Here, the co-founder and director of Willow & Blake and frank body describes how frank body evolved

“frank body developed because we saw a gap in the beauty market, and we felt like a lot of the existing beauty brands were disconnected from their audiences. We wanted to create a product where we could have full control and not be limited by clients’ expectations. We have two other business partners in frank body: Alex, and Steve who owns a few cafés in Melbourne. Steve had women coming to him and asking for coffee grinds to use as a body scrub. That piqued his interest and he talked to his partner Bree about it.
They went and did a little bit of research and saw that coffee scrubs are a do-it-yourself recipe online, but no one was packaging, marketing and selling it. In the beginning we were making that product ourselves by hand, so we could dictate the supply by the demand. We knew we could develop an engaging, fun brand that targeted the 18 to 24-year-old girl who was making purchase decisions through Instagram and online retail.
The idea behind the voice of frank body developed quickly. We were trying to build a brand identity on social media, but it was also about educating consumers about the benefits of coffee scrubs.”
You can read Erika’s full story in Rare Birds’ latest title #IFSHECANICAN. Click here for more details.


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