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‘Capital investment helped us grow’

'Capital investment helped us grow' - Rare Birds

Aimee Marks wanted to find the right impact money to help her business TOM Organic grow. She shares the challenges and what it felt like when she found the right partners

“I got to a point where I just knew that to scale and grow I needed capital. That was a big journey for me to go on, because I challenged myself to find impact money that also had non-financial value attached to it. I was pitching to lots of different venture capital groups, and angel investors, and talking to lots of mentors at the time. I realised when I met my business partners Small Giants, that it actually should feel like a really exciting step – not like you are losing part of your business, but growing as a whole together, because you’re increasing the reach and impact.

The relationship instinctively felt right from the beginning. It even felt like family because we shared the same values (‘Nobody ever achieved anything extraordinary on their own’, is a quote I love). Tapping into and trusting your gut instinct is critical in business and I have a strong ethical compass. It’s got to feel right every day since it’s something you work so hard for. Once my partners came on board we were in a position where we were able to place our first order for Woolworths. It was a million dollar tampon order. How on earth could I have possibly done that on my own or with a partner who didn’t quite have the values and heart.”

Aimee tells her full story in Rare Birds’ latest title #IFSHECANICAN. Click here for more details.

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