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Mel Perkins: ‘You have to learn on the job’

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Mel Perkins, the co-founder and CEO of Canva, on making mistakes and putting your ‘heart and soul’ into everything you do

“I like to call my process ‘just-in-time learning’. I ask and learn about something when I need to know about it. For example, when we were learning about raising investment we spoke to as many people under the sun as we could and got their opinions. I completely fill my brain with every single resource I can, speak to every single person I can, and learn as much as I can about whatever it is. There’s so much to learn so you can’t possibly know everything up front. You do have to learn on the job. It aways happens ‘just in time’.

There have been so many things to learn and so many mistakes we have made along the way, but those things have been part of the journey. If you go straight to the finish line what would be the fun in that? When I first started, I had no business experience, product experience or marketing experience. I had to learn everything as I went. The most important thing has been the ability to learn.

Put your heart and soul into whatever it is you’re doing, whether it’s your schoolwork or a hobby. If you actually see yourself achieving things and you can set your mind to something that’s the most important thing. It means you’re measuring up to a challenge rather than thinking  you can’t do it.”

You can read Mel’s full story in Rare Birds’ latest title #IFSHECANICAN. Click here for more details.
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