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The Digital Marketing Experts You Should Be Reading in 2021

Digital marketing expert

Business woman writes about digital marketing on the screen

Digital marketing and social media are in constant flux when it comes to trends, rules and algorithms. Not only that, in business it is not only essential to have a good brand presence online, but you also need to know how to capitalise on that presence and convert likes and engagement to dollars in the bank. 

The easiest way to stay on top of it all is to simply let the Digital Marketing Experts do all the legwork for you and summarise it in their blog posts.

Here are the Digital Marketing Experts blogs you should be reading in 2021:

Attention Experts

This multi-award winning agency’s specialty is facebook ads and getting the best ROI from your paid social campaigns. The blog is updated regularly with the latest insights and they are great at keeping the language very clear and simple for business owners who are trying to DIY their digital marketing. They also have tips on how to use your social platforms to build a database you can market to.


Neil Patel is a respected online marketing and traffic expert (co-founded Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, etc.), and QuickSprout is his blog. A lot of great traffic and analytics info here, as well as SEO, optimisation and email marketing. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, there are loads of great tips on Neil’s personal blog as well. 

Australian Marketing Institute

Of course, the best industry insights are going to be found at the home of marketing industry news, ideas and insights, The Australian Marketing Institute’s ‘Marketing Voice’ blog. It covers an enormous amount of topics, from shooting quality video to customer experience, making the most of data, and digital transformation.


If you would like to get a good grip on all things SEO, Moz is a great resource. Their products are SEO tool sets, so they NEED to be completely on top of what is going on in the audience-building and analysing scene. They also have free training videos for those who prefer to learn through a visual medium.

Kim Garst

Kim is one of the top social media influencers and probably the most retweeted digital marketer ever. Forbes included her on the list of Top 10 people who influence social media marketing. Her blog is full of tips and ‘how-to’s’ and free resources to really help elevate you to Digital Marketing Expert status in no time!