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Success Stories – Kirsty Nancarrow



Kirsty experienced a year of amazing personal and professional growth during her mentoring partnership and was so grateful for the time with her Mentor, Dave Clare. She says that they clicked from the very first meeting and that she has had some beautiful things happen in her life recently.

Her business, eMotion Video Training and Production, recently won Cairns Business Women’s Club’s Collaboration of the Year Award. They have been nominated and are finalists for a Business Excellence Award for Innovation for the second year in a row. She recently travelled to Sydney for the Women in Media National Conference thanks to sponsorship from WIM QLD, and kind stranger who was inspired after hearing an ABC radio interview about the biography Kirsty has written about of former child slave Som Tamang has just gifted her funds so it can be published. Kirsty had been trying to get the book published for two years. Kirsty says she sometimes lacks confidence and self-belief so having Dave in her corner has been invaluable.

How did you first hear about Rare Birds?

My eMotion Video Training & Production business partner, Suzie Cray was fortunate to be selected to receive a 12 month mentorship with Inspiring Rare Birds through the Cairns Business Women’s Club in 2021/22. She got so much out of her mentorship that she wanted our company to pay for me to go through the program as she saw it as a great investment in the growth of our business.

What were you hoping to achieve from having a Mentor?

I had some specific goals such as finding the right CRM and getting my first book published. Above that, I wanted to bounce off ideas about how to scale the business.

What was your biggest takeaway from the partnership?

Belief in myself and what I have to offer the world, both personally and professionally.

What was one hurdle or issue that Dave was able to assist with?

Challenging my limiting beliefs.

What did you enjoy most about the mentoring partnership?

The camaraderie. Dave has never made me feel like he is above me, or has all of the answers, rather that our exchange is of mutual benefit.

What would say to someone who was thinking about getting matched with a Rare Birds mentor?

This is an investment you need to make in yourself. Rather than feeling under pressure to reach KPIs, it paves the way in a supportive partnership that allows creative thinking, reflection and being open to change and opportunities.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Inspiring Rare Birds Mentors volunteer their time and this incredible commitment is not taken for granted. I only hope Dave Clare has benefited as much as I have from this mentorship.


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