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5 More Sites That Empower Women at Work in Australia

Fleur Madden Freelancing Gems

Fleur Madden Freelancing Gems

Women’s history month might be over, but at Freelancing Gems every day is about women, how we get more work, how to charge what we are worth, how to close the gender pay gap and how to level up in our business… And the good news is we aren’t alone and we are just one voice amongst a growing trend of female led and female focused businesses that are changing the future for women at work.

A recent survey of 200 women in Australia who freelance, consult, have a small business or side hustle showed that 1 in 5 women battle with imposter syndrome and 63% knowingly do not charge what they are worth mostly because they fear they won’t get the work or they simply do not know how to charge. Post pandemic, women are in recovery mode and progress is not inevitable, with an estimation of 102 years to reach pay parity globally. The way forward is to make conscience decisions to champion women at work, make noise, have tough conversations in your businesses and make changes. This isn’t about taking anything away from men, it is simply about dropping the ladder down to women at a time in our history when we needed it the most. The good news is there is help out there for women at work, from getting started, to finding a mentor, finding your next job, getting on top of your super and investing in women… if you know where to look.

Here are a few businesses that are being bold and unapologetic in how they support women.

  1. Freelancing Gems is Australia’s FIRST jobs site dedicated to women in the gig economy. They champions female freelancers, consultants, sole – traders or side hustlers to find their next meaningful job, contract, freelance gig or part time role. Companies who support diversity can place job ads and Freelancing Gems members apply, or employers can headhunt directly off the platform connecting them with talented professional women across Australia who are ready to work! Freelancing Gems provide guidance with your rates and give you access to business tools and templates, how to guides and have monthly webinars and events.  
  2. Verve Super is an ethical super fund tailored for women, by women. Did you know that traditionally women retire with 35% less super than men…not on Verve Supers watch. They also have a divorce coach, a financial coach and a career change coach to support their members when they need it the most!
  3.  Women’s Agenda if you ever want to know what is happening with any issue or news as it relates to women in Australia, a voice in the media above all others that is leading the charge is Women’s Agenda. Women at work, women in politics, women’s finance, investing in women… you name it, they are talking about it in a smart and powerful way.
  4. Eleanor Ventures – Are you a Female Founder with a unique technology business, but you need investment to help the business realise its full potential? Eleanor Ventures invest in early stage technology companies that are positioned to dominate global markets. With less than 2% of VC funding in Australia going to Female Founders, the tide of investment needs to turn towards women and as Eleanor Ventures was founded by 3 women, they might just be the rainbow after the storm Australian female entrepreneurs have been looking for.
  5. SHEEO – Is a community of radically generous woman across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US and the UK who contribute to a fund that makes loans at zero percent interest to women- led ventures who are working on the world’s TO DO list! If you want to become an activator and help other female entrepreneurs, or you are a woman with an idea that has impact in society SHEEO are your people.

And one of the best things about these businesses, they all have Female Founders…in some cases, several of them! So while they are busy supporting you, jump online and support them too so they can continue to champion us.

Fleur Madden is the CEO of Freelancing Gems a jobs platform dedicated to women who freelance, consult or side hustle. Freelancing Gems connects women with meaningful work and encourages them to charge what they are worth.