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Invest in your people, invest in your future
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  • Carrina Bradbury
    "Talking to people who come from different backgrounds shines amazing light on things. Allowing that diversity of industry background to come together is not something we always get access to and it’s been a real asset."  
    Carrina Bradbury, Office For Women Scholarship Recipient, Rare Birds Mentee
  • Davanh Inthachanh
    "This program has been a personal success for me and has also helped me develop in so many ways other than business."  
    Davanh Inthachanh, Director People and Culture, Seven West Media Corporate Mentee
  • PwC uses Rare Birds to accelerate its Directors and Senior Manager pipeline into a cohort of Partner-ready females to position the firm to achieve its 40/40/20 Partnership admission target.
    Amanda McIntyre, Partner, PwC
  • "Being a soundboard and sharing my experiences has given me a refresher course for myself. After doing something for so long we often forget the fundamentals and that through fresh eyes, engagement and communication come ideas and innovation."
    Tim Elwin, Rare Birds Mentor

Our Mentors

Rare Birds mentors are a diverse group of highly experienced leaders and entrepreneurs.
Here is a sample of the people you could be mentored by.
Jo Burston - Founder and CEO Rare Birds

Jo Burston

Founder and CEO Rare Birds
Dave Clare

Dave Clare

Founder and CEO Circle Leadership Global
Emma Tomlin

Emma Tomlin

Strategic Partner Development Manager - Recruit - ISV Microsoft teams
Hichame Assi

Hichame Assi

CEO Hotels Combined
Rachel Tschannen

Rachel Tschannen

Director, Human Resources - APAC, Blackhawk

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Join Our Community

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