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Our vision is to see a global community of 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Brilliant Business Kids




Follow the stories of young entrepreneurs from around the globe who have grown their SIMPLE IDEAS into businesses and social enterprises that span their own countries, and even THE WORLD. Twelve incredibly talented young founders describe in their own words the challenges and opportunities they faced designing, launching and marketing their products, and driving change through their social initiatives. They explain their journey from startup, revealing how their entrepreneurial journey has shaped them personally. This book shows that by encouraging children and teenagers to start businesses and social enterprises when they’re still at school, teachers and parents can equip them with business skills and practical knowledge that could stay with them for life. For children and teenagers globally, who dream of turning their entrepreneurial ideas into reality, this book is designed and illustrated especially for you! It’s packed with insights from kids who dared to believe in themselves. If these Brilliant BusinessKids can do it, then so can you!

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  1. Andy Lark

    “Kids need to see entrepreneurship in action, through the eyes of other kids…Brilliant BusinessKids is an absolute must for the next generation.”
    Andy Lark, Chief Marketing and Business Officer, Xero

  2. Steven J. Fielding

    “Brilliant BusinessKids offers readers new role models to spark a child’s inner entrepreneur.”
    Steven J. Fielding, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft, U.S. Small and Midsize Business

  3. Jan Owen

    “Eleven compelling reasons why the smarts, creativity and energy of our kids must be unleashed to secure our future and make the world a better place.”
    Jan Owen, CEO, The Foundation for Young Australians

  4. Dave Pitcairn

    “This book is a treasury of relevance in today’s entrepreneurial climate.”
    Dave Pitcairn, Principal, Reddam House

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