The Rare Birds community brings women entrepreneurs together in many ways


Rare Birds Ambassadors are thought leaders, captains of industry and world-class innovators of all genders. Well-connected in their local community and strongly aligned with Rare Birds’ vision and mission our ambassadors are all about diversity and inclusion - regionally, nationally and globally. The Global Ambassador program provides resources and support to female entrepreneurs in their local regions so that everyone has a chance to become an entrepreneur by choice. Becoming a Rare Birds Ambassador provides the opportunity to reinforce and align your personal brand with an organisation who are thought leaders in the space of women and entrepreneurship.

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Mentors and Mentees

The Inspiring Rare Birds mentoring program connects emerging and established entrepreneurs with a high-calibre mentor to assist and guide them. Our immersive and intensive 12-month program enables women to better achieve their goals and realise their potential. Using a sophisticated online platform, we match mentees with appropriate mentors in order to create productive and rewarding mentorships. There are two ways to get involved – either as a mentee or a mentor.

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We’ve got Australia’s most remarkable, accomplished and inspiring female speakers, game changers, media commentators, story-tellers and subject matter experts. They’re a part of the Rare Birds movement, challenging the status quo and putting more diversity on stages and pages around the world. Our all-inclusive, female speaker’s agency places women center stage so their stories go far and wide.

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100 Mentoring Scholarships

Inspiring Rare Birds partnered with the Office for Women to provide mentoring scholarships to 100 marginalised women Australia-wide. The scholarship targets women from rural and regional areas, indigenous, migrant, refugee and low socio-economic backgrounds. It is designed to enable these entrepreneurs to achieve their full-potential by matching them with high-calibre mentors to support them over a 12-month program. With diverse backgrounds, businesses and passions these women are a dynamic and engaged part of our community.

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Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs

There’s no one path to becoming an entrepreneur and these incredible women have shared their personal journeys of challenge and triumph in business. From relationships, family backgrounds, hardships and motivations these women’s stories have been shaped by a multiplicity of factors. In reading about, and learning from these remarkable Rare Birds, we realise that there is no one path to entrepreneurship. Every woman and girl has the potential to be an entrepreneur by choice.

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Business Kids

Forget what you may have seen or heard, you can be an entrepreneur at any age! Here at Rare Birds we’re all about fostering and promoting the entrepreneurial mindset at a young age. Our brilliant business kids book follows the stories of young entrepreneurs around the globe. Their journeys from startup to success proves that encouraging children and teenagers to start businesses and enterprises equips them with business skills and knowledge that stays with them for life.

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