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Women of influence: Startup Daily’s Top 50 Women in Tech 2016



To have a big influence means that socially and economically a difference is being made, by an individual, with a positive impact.

The ripple effect of women in tech and women entrepreneurs globally can start with a simple action locally. Measuring impact is one of the hardest efforts any individual or organisation can actually do. The process matters and the vision is critical, however how it effects the entrepreneur them-self, a customer, a community, a society, a government policy, or other leaders to knock on change is where I believe greatness and abundance should be measured.

With a vision of 1 million women entrepreneurs in our community by 2020 and a mission to give every women globally the opportunity to become and entrepreneur by choice, Inspiring Rare Birds has a clear impact model. The greater to number of confident, engaged and celebrated women entrepreneurs, the greater or economy thrives, thus the greater the world becomes. Women reinvest approximately 90% of their income back into their immediate community – creating jobs, investing in their immediate and extended families, building ecosystems of support, investing and allowing others to prosper.

Entrepreneurship results in influence and also flexibility, and this is one of the biggest reasons women decide this as a career path now.

…becoming an entrepreneur appears to provide a solution to the problem of maintaining a balance between work and family responsibilities. It not only allows women to have careers that are vital and challenging, but it also gives them the power to decide when, how, and where their work gets done. Note that it is not a decrease in hours worked that women seek, but rather the flexibility to accomplish goals on their own terms. – Source ABS 2015

Congratulations to the Start-Up Daily Top 50 Australian and New Zealand Women in Tech 2016, for your influence and your ability to make the change you want to see in your careers and for the careers of those you influence.

It is wonderful to see so many aspiring, emerging and established women on this years list and I am proud to be named 7 in this list of 50 of Australia and New Zealand line up.
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To learn from more women of influence, check out the video below