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Mentor? Yes you can!



Wondering if you’re qualified enough to mentor? Take a look through the list below. You might surprise yourself!

Mentors …
Listen: Can you offer an ear, and not necessarily advice? Your Mentee may want a sounding board to help him/her work out issues and come to their own conclusion.
Are Accessible: Does your schedule permit a mentoring relationship?
Share: Are you willing to share your knowledge, expertise, skills, and time?
Motivate: Can you motivate the Mentee to reach their full potential?
Provide Insight: Can you use your personal experience to help your Mentee avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions?
Guide: Can you guide the Mentee to determine his/her right course of action; not preach or dictate?
Provide a Positive Influence: Do you project a positive, upbeat image? Are you a positive role model?
Are Honest and Open: Can you offer your thoughts and constructive feedback honestly and openly?
Provide a Fresh Perspective: Can you help your Mentee see a situation with fresh eyes?
Are Cheerleaders: Can you offer support and encouragement?
Create Accountability: Are you able to help someone to set, track and achieve their goals?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, then you are absolutely ready to experience the incredibly rewarding world of mentoring someone. Our mentoring team will be happy to discuss what happens next to kickstart your journey and be expertly matched with one of our entrepreneurs or aspiring leaders. Book in a quick discovery call with the Rare Birds team HERE.