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Meet the Mentor: Taz Dunstan

Taz Dunstan Rare Birds Mentor

Taz Dunstan Rare Birds Mentor

Having helped countless women empower themselves through her work at XL Personal Training, Taz is now also sharing her experience in entrepreneurship as a mentor with Inspiring Rare Birds.

What do you personally find rewarding about being a mentor? 

As a mentor the greatest reward for me is the success of the people I work with when they realise their worth and capabilities and capitalise on them. 

What is your favourite thing about your work in fitness? 

Working in the fitness industry allows me to work with people in all kinds of diverse ways to incorporate mental, physical and emotional well-being through self-awareness, movement and embracing uncomfortable conversations and challenging situations to achieve goals that were previously thought unattainable.  

I love the challenge and the direct result between the work put in and the success achieved. 

What has been your biggest ‘aha’ moment in business? 

My biggest ‘aha’ moment professionally was when I devised a plan to disrupt a Multi Level Marketing company and unlocked the highest level in 2 months. I have now redesigned the outdated and inaccurate 80/20 [nutrition vs exercise] fitness industry myth with mental health being the primary pillar before nutrition and exercise.  

I also launched this book DIY designer Body Program in September 2021 and have had excellent reviews.

What is the secret to sustainable growth? 

There is no ‘secret’ to sustainable growth, there is a formulated business strategy of expansion, adaptation, doubling down and capitalising at opportune times to continue to grow consistently. 

What advice would you give to someone whose business is stuck in a rut? What can they do to create a catalyst for positive growth? 

Perspective is everything. For anyone struggling for movement or growth in your business, the best thing you can do is invest in a business mentor to shift your focus and step back from the situation to view it neutrally and see the solution without preconceived thoughts, fears or assumptions. 

Which sources of business wisdom do you turn to when you are stuck? Who inspires you? 

When I feel I have stagnated I brainstorm with my friends in business, we share ironic truths and then I call my dad. My father’s sense of humour is second to none and I draw great inspiration and insight from our jokes, which more often than not spark an idea which I develop into a marketing strategy or product/service to help others. 

What do your next 12 months look like? What are your plans and goals? 

My next 12 months will include exponential growth, after 6 months of building business models and building relationships with credible professionals I am about to launch into a collaboration drive to see businesses excel across the board. I have recently expanded to New Zealand and the US as hubs for a new mental health focused venture and I am securing government grants to step these businesses up to nationwide roll outs for maximum exposure and accessibility.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a mentor? 

If you have achieved success as a business woman/man or entrepreneur and you know with confidence that you could help others achieve the same level of success, if not more, you should give back. The greatest gift of succeeding is empowering others to succeed in their own quests as we all rise by lifting others up – on the shoulders of giants. 

“Philanthropic ventures are more valuable to humanity than financial gains. Time is a gift, spend it wisely on pursuits of purpose and happiness.”- Taz Dunstan 

Anything else you would like to add? 

I pride myself on my professionalism and playfulness, they can coexist and while I am a strong and capable businesswoman, I excel as an entrepreneur because I love the freedom and diversity of disruption, trail blazing and (calculated) risk taking. That, for me, is where the magic happens. As a mentor, my ideal mentee is someone who is designing their own business model or creating a life hack for the betterment of their community. 

You can learn more about Taz’s personal training business here.