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Meet the Gamechangers: Fleur Madden helps female freelancers



Rare Birds mentor and Ex CEO of Red Republic, Fleur Madden (pictured centre), has launched Freelancing Gems, an online platform to support female freelancers across all industries.

In an announcement this week, Fleur Madden launched her latest enterprise Freelancing Gems that is aimed squarely at helping women whose livelihoods have been affected by COVID:

Recognised as the first of its kind in Australia, Freelancing Gems is a new female only jobs platform for female freelancers, consultants, sole-traders, and side hustlers; who are leaders in their field, across all industries; offering them the chance to showcase their skills and experience, in a centralised location, for Australian employers to find these ‘rare gems’ of talent.

With over 1.7 million Australians out of work, the future of employment in Australia has changed, and it’s no secret women were hit the hardest in terms of job losses and under-employment, an innovative Australian business seeks to change these statistics by launching Australia’s first online jobs platform dedicated to women.

During COVID, a disproportionate number of women, 56%, lost their jobs and countless women are now underemployed; sadly, this statistic continues to rise. A team of clever women are seeking to change this statistic with the official launch of Freelancing Gems; an online platform that champions women to get back into the workforce.

Freelancing Gems is the brainchild of Fleur Madden, who was often asked by clients and business associates for recommendations on talented freelancers. After a few years of research, Madden found that there was no central location or platform to assist employers to find talented female freelancers.

Commenting on the business model, Madden says, “there are so many talented women and we wanted to champion them.”

“Due to the current state of our economy, we know that many employers are looking at hiring consultants and freelancers, and we want to assist them and see more women get back to work by providing these connections.”

“Yes there are established jobs platforms for freelancers around, but none that specialise in women in the workforce across ALL industries and none that provide the business tools that women need to ensure we are all playing on the same equal footing,” she said.

This inaugural business is not your average employment website. Freelancing Gems works alongside their female members, providing them with business tools and templates, business coaching, learning opportunities, access to high-profile entrepreneurs, and industry rate cards and to ensure women are charging what they are worth.

“I read an article last year that said female consultants charge 38% less than our male counterparts which I found particularly alarming given the equal pay for equal work and pay disparity conversations that are so important. Apparently, women didn’t feel they had the right tools or information to charge what they are worth,” Madden said.

“The statistics don’t lie – our platform isn’t about taking anything away from men, it is about ensuring women have what they need to thrive and succeed.”

Madden states when she and her partners Kirsty Jackson and Amanda Kelly first started working on Freelancing Gems, they could not have predicted a global pandemic would bring a greater need to assist women on their journey to get back to work.

“Statistically the group in society to take the largest toll during Covid-19 is women. More women than men have lost their jobs during Covid and more women will re-enter the workforce in a part time capacity. There will be women that have never consulted before that will be joining the GIG– economy and we are here for them, to guide and support them. There is no doubt that any inequalities in society that existed have been magnified during Covid.

“The future of work has changed in the last few months; we want to be part of the solution for women in being able to help them gain meaningful work again.”

Freelancing Gems offer Freelancers business tools to help them get set up as a reputable Freelancing business, such as marketing and promotional tools, superannuation, how to set up your ABN and other necessities.

Source: Maddog Marketing media release