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When Perth-based Megan Del Borrello left her role as Managing Director of a digital agency to launch Gloss Marketing Communications with her business partner, she was adamant to ensure that their company values were starkly different to the values entrenched in the corporates they’d worked for.


“The number one thing in agency life is profit – but this was something that we didn’t want to focus on. We really wanted to change the way businesses are working with agencies… and that was one of the reasons we focus on small business startups,” Megan says.

With their keen interest in educating small business and not-for-profits to help them understand the online space, Megan and her business partner Katrina Giura designed Gloss Marketing to have a core focus on fostering the growth of small businesses through strategy development, marketing management and educational workshops.

Megan says their biggest company values are honesty and communication: “We are really quite open in our business. Sometimes in our industry people aren’t as open and honest as they should be, so we lay everything on the table with our clients.”

Another value Megan and Katrina believe in is passion. “We really enjoy what we do, so if we are not having fun or if we aren’t passionate about it, it isn’t going to work,” she says.

Megan meets with her Rare Birds mentor regularly to help develop the business and to receive guidance and support, and she notes that sharing similar values as her mentor has been incredibly helpful. “My mentor has helped me with discovery questions to identify if a client meets our values, which has really helped the way we look at clients and the people we want to work with.”

Now, when choosing who they will work with, Megan says that potential clients need to share the same values as them, and have some kind of community involvement – such as sponsoring local sport or supporting charities – because that’s what she and Katrina are passionate about as well.

The values of the company permeate through their entire business, from the clients they work with to key suppliers. The company works with B Corp organisations, such as Beyond Bank, because these are member-owned, with profits going back into the community.

Being driven by such values has created a sustainable business model for Gloss Marketing that is both profitable and ‘doing good’ simultaneously. Megan says for their clients: “It’s really important for us to educate these businesses, because we know they can’t afford marketing agencies to do all their marketing for them. It’s really just about maintaining those great relationships with the clients and keep asking about the impact that they are having on the community, and holding them to an account.”

If you want to hear more stories on initiatives that are values-driven and creating positive social change, check out the Social Impact Festival, running from 18-28 July, in Perth.


This Entrepreneur Employed Remote Teams Around The World To Help Build Her Global Businesses


Sarah Riegelhuth is an entrepreneur, author and finance expert. Here she shares exactly how she scaled the businesses Grow My Team and WE LOVE NUMBERS with the help of teams based in multiple countries.


Right now I am literally driving (well Finn is driving, I’m in the passenger seat) from Denver to Las Vegas for the weekend. I’ve just finished the WE rebrand brief document, cleared my inbox and punched out a couple of articles, with the sprawling Utah canyons as my ever-changing backdrop.

Now that’s what I call living.

My journey into working globally began about 3 years ago when we were referred a graphic designer in Bolivia (who we still work with today), however has really snowballed over the past 18 months, partly thanks to Grow My Team who I’ve used to recruit and build our Philippines teams, oDesk, Freelancer and eLance for all the small jobs that need doing from time to time and I think (mostly) driven by my inner-nomad.

Personally, I hate being in the same place for more than a couple of weeks and am obsessed with travel, meeting new people and exploring the planet’s diverse cultures. ‘Settling down’ is just not for me, and thankfully I have a husband who shares my view of the way life should be lived. To it’s fullest and in line with what you want, not what society tells you you should be doing.

Working in a large remote team is not without it’s challenges of course (quality internet access being the main one), however the pros certainly outweigh the cons. By way of example, we launched our startup WE LOVE NUMBERS on the 15th of January this year. Finn and I were in Colorado when the website went live. The rest of the team were spread across Australia, Philippines, Bolivia, Romania and Bangladesh! We’d been working on WE LOVE NUMBERS for almost 18 months testing the model first within WE and then building our go to market strategy on the beach in Coogee. It really was no big deal for us to be out of country when we hit the go button.

It hasn’t always been like this and getting started was a slow and steady process of getting used to working from different locations, and building good systems and training programs that didn’t rely on us being face to face with our team mates.

Getting started

We started with a single role that was repetitive and could be trained fairly easily. We created a brief for Grow My Team to recruit from and built a basic training program for our new team member. We already had a staff induction process, but I found this became even more valuable than ever when working across borders. Over the first week, I scheduled 30 min time slots with Michelle (she’s still with us!) to check through the work that I had allocated her in training, and give her feedback. It’s simply a case of being organised and setting time aside to get the training right.

Scaling up

Once I’d trained my first couple of Philippines team members, my eyes opened up to all of the possibilities within my company that weren’t location specific. In order to grow the team to where we are now, all our processes had to be reviewed and I trained the entire existing team on ‘how to train’ so that we could share the load and  build the team faster. This, along with building out more robust systems, have been one of the really positive outcomes of working with a dislocated team. Our systems and processes are remarkably better than they were before and maintaining them is a constant focus for the team now. These days recruiting is recruiting, it’s the same process no matter where the person is located and we have freed our thinking up to look for the best talent all over the world.

Managing remotely

Again, we needed to improve the way we managed the team now that we were all in different locations, ensuring that everyone still understood what was expected of them and could perform effectively at a high level. We use Google Hangouts to host our weekly team meetings, monthly meetings, quarterly planning days and team member reviews. We’ve always followed the Gazelle’s One Page Plan and other planning tools, and created clear scorecards and critical numbers for our team, we started doing this both locally and for our international talent and have more recently moved to Align enabling us to use all of the Gazelle’s planning tools online. Everyone has a login and we can all work together using the technology as the basis for our planning, meetings and tracking.

Get tech savvy

Technology is probably the biggest thing that we needed to continue to embrace as we grew, we use Jing, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Basecamp, Sweet Process, Xero, Better Book Club, Google Docs, Gmail and many other completely cloud based solutions that connect us and ensure we all have access to the same information.

One of the coolest things about being global from a business perspective is the increased level of service we can provide to our customer. WE LOVE NUMBERS is soon to launch our ‘Know your Numbers’ 24 hour support service. We can do this because we have talented and qualified people located in timezones across the globe. Even though our members are currently (not for long!) Australia-based only, the reality is that entrepreneurs are often working at all hours of the day and night. If it’s 2am and one of our members wants say, a financial report or urgent cash flow analysis, we can give it to them right away. They won’t need to wait until 9am AEST to get the answer they need, that’s pretty awesome.

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