The Best Way to Turn Your Vision Into A Reality


From the young age of ten, Bree James was selling Avon to her neighbours and teachers to make some extra pocket money. So it came as no surprise when she started her first business at 18.

When she could not find a suitable medium to market this entertainment business, she followed her entrepreneurial pattern and created her own means to get her message out.

In 2007, Bree founded a niche monthly parenting magazine PakMag (Parents & Kids Magazine). When the mag began, Bree had never worked in the print industry, had never sold advertising and had never even been a parent. There was certainly a lot to learn.

In a few short years, it has gone from a staff of two to ten, and now publishes four editions per month, with a national online digital version called PakMag Australia.

PakMag is part of Grand Publishing, a publishing company founded by Bree. Grand Publishing boasts a monthly readership base of 72,000 through three separate magazines printed for Cairns, Townsville and Mackay.

Bree also values giving back to the community, through raising over $60,000 for charities, holding over 250 community events in towns across northern Queensland and giving away over $100,000 in advertising to local businesses and community groups.

Bree has been nominated and won several awards including “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” for Cairns in 2009, “Australian Institute of Management Young Manager Of The Year” for Cairns in 2010, and was also a finalist for Queensland in the “Telstra Business Women’s Awards” in 2014.

Her mantra for both business and life is “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

As a Rare Birds Ambassador, Bree is enabling other entrepreneurs to combine their visions with action and develop the right mindset. She believes that it is “imperative that the next generation of young women know to think further than ‘what they want to be’ when they grow up”.

Meet Bree and hear more of her entrepreneurial story at our Cairns Ambassador Launch Event on Friday 9th September. Tickets available now.


Taking the Plunge: Why You Need To Embrace Career Diversity


As an Australian Army soldier turned four-time entrepreneur, Phil Hayes-St Clair is proof that you can become an entrepreneur at any stage of your career.

During his twenty years as an entrepreneur and general manager, Phil has collected experience in ASX20 companies, social enterprises and high­ growth ventures in strategy, tactics and operations.

Phil is currently the CEO and Co­-Founder at AirShr, a world­-first mobile app that helps listeners and broadcasters interact in real­ time. It allows modern audiences to save, share and listen to radio differently by allowing them to buy anything directly from the radio. It also enables users to see what they hear with pictures, videos, song lyrics, ad coupons and talk show details for each saved moment.

Phil supports entrepreneurial education for all and fostering a business mindset among young people, particularly women.

“Girls and women are exceptional leaders and some wish to transform an idea into an enduring vision,” says Phil. “I’m immensely excited to share entrepreneurial experiences that will help them get there faster.”

Phil’s achievements extend well beyond the business sphere.

He has represented Australia on the men’s triathlon team and was humbled to receive nominations for Australian of the Year in 2007 and 2008. He also has the extraordinary privilege of advancing veterans’ affairs as an Ambassador at Soldier On Australia.

He also regularly writes about his experiences with product development, growth, start ups and leadership.

Phil’s admiration for his wife and daughters makes him a strong supporter of Rare Birds’ vision for a global community of 1 million women entrepreneurs by 2020 and a great addition to our Rare Birds Ambassador program. .

“Our incredible daughters may very well want to put a dent in the universe,” says Phil, “and it’s important to us that they have the environment to achieve just that.”

Meet Phil and hear more of his business insights at our Sydney Ambassador Launch event on Monday 5th September. Tickets available now.


What Qualities Make A Great Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurs are many things, but at their core – what are they? 

Problem solvers.

David Fastuca is the perfect example of this with the creation of Locomote, a tech platform solving all the problems of corporate travel.

David established his first business with his cousin Ross while they were both still in high school, but their graphic design business was overshadowed by an emergence of similar products. What really kickstarted their entrepreneurial journey was a meeting with business mentor Philip Weinman who took the two young guys under his wing.

“We were a big believer in the people you hang around with are the people you become, so we thought let’s give it a shot,” David says.

David and Ross moved in the Weinman’s office, and not long after in 2014, Locomote was born.

David co-founded Locomote with a simple goal: to simplify corporate travel for businesses across the globe.

Locomote has changed the lives of business travellers by reducing travel spend, as well as streamlining approval, booking and expensing processes. It offers companies total control and visibility of their global travel program and supply chains.

The innovative aspects of Locomote are its intuitive user experience design, precise travel spend data, and assistance in measuring cost control.

David’s eye for detail and design expertise have enabled him to create a simple and seamless tech product which is all about user experience. David believes that customers should feel like they’re part of the building process, through thoughtful, user-experience-driven design.

David was Locomote’s Chief Design Officer as the driving force behind the look and feel of Locomote’s holistic, intuitive products.

In April 2016 David was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer. David’s core focus for advancing Locomote is to continue to grow while connecting the company with its customers.

His talent and creativity have earned him various accolades such as the SmartCompany Hot 30 Under 30, Ken Cato Leadership in Design and Top Digital Innovator.

As a member of the Design Founders group, David joins the ranks of the founders of Facebook, FourSquare, Shopify and Google.

David’s self-confidence and ambition embodies the Rare Birds belief in dreaming big.

“We’re not shy of big goals,” David says. “A lot of the commentary about Locomote so far has been that it’s not possible to do what we did in the time that we did it but we like to have a big vision.”

As one of Melbourne’s Inspiring Rare Birds local Ambassadors, David will be able to share his wisdom and help other tech start-ups in those vital initial stages. “[S]haring and hearing others having similar experiences is a real help. You realise you’re not alone.”

Are you building your own tech start-up or looking to improve your customer’s experience with your product? Meet David and hear more of his advice at our Melbourne Ambassador Event on Monday 29th August. Tickets available now.