Why values drive this entrepreneur’s business

100 Rare Birds take flight with mentoring scholarships
This entrepreneur employed remote teams around the world to help build her global businesses

When Perth-based Megan Del Borrello left her role as Managing Director of a digital agency to launch Gloss Marketing Communications with her business partner, she was adamant to ensure that their company values were starkly different to the values entrenched in the corporates they’d worked for.

“The number one thing in agency life is profit – but this was something that we didn’t want to focus on. We really wanted to change the way businesses are working with agencies… and that was one of the reasons we focus on small business startups,” Megan says.

With their keen interest in educating small business and not-for-profits to help them understand the online space, Megan and her business partner Katrina Giura designed Gloss Marketing to have a core focus on fostering the growth of small businesses through strategy development, marketing management and educational workshops.

Megan says their biggest company values are honesty and communication: “We are really quite open in our business. Sometimes in our industry people aren’t as open and honest as they should be, so we lay everything on the table with our clients.”

Another value Megan and Katrina believe in is passion. “We really enjoy what we do, so if we are not having fun or if we aren’t passionate about it, it isn’t going to work,” she says.

Megan meets with her Rare Birds mentor regularly to help develop the business and to receive guidance and support, and she notes that sharing similar values as her mentor has been incredibly helpful. “My mentor has helped me with discovery questions to identify if a client meets our values, which has really helped the way we look at clients and the people we want to work with.”

Now, when choosing who they will work with, Megan says that potential clients need to share the same values as them, and have some kind of community involvement – such as sponsoring local sport or supporting charities – because that’s what she and Katrina are passionate about as well.

The values of the company permeate through their entire business, from the clients they work with to key suppliers. The company works with B Corp organisations, such as Beyond Bank, because these are member-owned, with profits going back into the community.

Being driven by such values has created a sustainable business model for Gloss Marketing that is both profitable and ‘doing good’ simultaneously. Megan says for their clients: “It’s really important for us to educate these businesses, because we know they can’t afford marketing agencies to do all their marketing for them. It’s really just about maintaining those great relationships with the clients and keep asking about the impact that they are having on the community, and holding them to an account.”


If you want to hear more stories on initiatives that are values-driven and creating positive social change, check out the Social Impact Festival, running from 18-28 July, in Perth.


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100 Rare Birds take flight with mentoring scholarships
This entrepreneur employed remote teams around the world to help build her global businesses

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