‘We made it work with smoke and mirrors’

'Capital investment helped us grow'
'I didn't have a consistent income for 5 years'

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Gen George, founder and managing director of OneShift, describes what it took to get her online talent marketplace off the ground

“My first blog claimed to be a site that had a matching algorithm that ‘magically’ matched people instantly with jobs but, in fact, it was me staying up all hours manually connecting bartenders to bar jobs. The idea was for people to find one-off shifts, but I technically didn’t know how to build that functionality, so I used what I had to make it work and created a blog called Sneaky Shifts. I started posting as many shifts as businesses would allow. I did this by calling the businesses or turning up on the weekend and saying, ‘just give me that job, then you can join our marketplace’.

I got candidates to sign up by hitting the Sydney universities with posters and social media. Every night after work, I used to print posters and cover the universities from end to end using duck tape. Yes, it was pretty unprofessional.

When we first started, the idea was for you to be able to do one-off shifts behind the bar on a Friday night, so you could go out on Saturday night. Now, we’ve really adapted it to focus on data and behavioural analytics from our users, such as what skill sets users have; the live data of supply and demand in any one postcode; what jobs they are looking for, and how they react when looking at roles.”

Gen tells her full story in Rare Birds’ latest title #IFSHECANICAN. Click here for more details.

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'Capital investment helped us grow'
'I didn't have a consistent income for 5 years'

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