Sharing entrepreneurial experiences with the Wagga community

Diversity and the power of 'bringing everyone around the table'
Why you can push through barriers with strength and resilience

This week we connected Wagga Wagga with the global Rare Birds community as we launched the Ambassador events program with entrepreneurs and business leaders in the local region.


Our Rare Birds Global Ambassadors for Wagga Wagga, Simone Eyles (Founder of 365cups), together with Joe Williams (Professional Athlete and Motivational Speaker) and CEO Jo Burston discussed why it’s important to ask for help and the importance of sharing our entrepreneurial experiences with others. Here are the top four takeaways:

1. Why we need to share our experiences

Simone says the startup journey can be “a really hard learning journey” and you need to connect with people to take away the loneliness of being an entrepreneur. Simone says, “there’s a lot to be said about storytelling” because when you hear stories from others who have had similar experiences to you there is comfort in knowing they have felt the same way or experienced similar things. Simone says if we share our stories and connect with each other “we can achieve great things”.

2. Helping others along the way

Joe says that just like the Rare Birds mantra of #ifshecanican, he tries to be that role model for young Aboriginal people and for all young people, regardless of their skin colour or background. “I try to help every single person that I can, because helping them helps me too,” he says.

Simone says that it’s really important to share the knowledge that you have picked up along the way. She is both a mentee and a mentor, and tells people who come to her with ideas, “if I can do it, you can do it, too”.


3. Just ask and just do it

Simone says, “I’m no different to anyone else in the room – I just get shit done.” Her key advice is to, “just ask, just do it, and keep it simple” and she says if you do this, “you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve”.

Simone says after she had a trip to Silicon Valley in the United States and experienced how people in the business community there operated (they were willing to help her connect her with whomever she needed to speak to), she “came back with a really different mindset” and now asks a lot of different people for help. Simone says, “I’ve asked a lot of people for stuff, and no one has ever said no – it’s awesome!”

4. Enjoy the ride, and learn from it

Joe says that during every setback he experiences, no matter what it is, “I find a lesson in it, and I find gratitude in it”.

Simone says she has had her fair share of tough times, but she has no regrets and doesn’t look back. She says entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted, “but the rewards come” so you need to enjoy the ride and remember that entrepreneurs, “do a lot of things that don’t make sense and that’s why it works”.

Do you need a mentor to help guide you on your own entrepreneurial journey? Contact Rare Birds community leader Sarah Coull at for details about joining the Rare Birds Mentoring Program.

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Diversity and the power of 'bringing everyone around the table'
Why you can push through barriers with strength and resilience

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