Rebecca Wilkinson: Conquering depression and becoming a serial entrepreneur

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By Ciara Long

Rebecca Wilkinson is the founder of Perth Elite Chix and Imperium Personal Training, and is Perth Crusader for League of Extraordinary Women. Her mission is to help women achieve work-life balance through inspiring and supporting them to pursue the things which make them happy in life.

Rebecca’s story begins at the age of 15, when a close friend committed suicide. Rebecca was diagnosed with depression and after six years of ineffectual treatments, medications and counselors, Rebecca turned to exercise. She began personal and group training, and found that the more she exercised, the happier she became. At that point, she started researching ways in which she could take care of her health independently. By May 2011, she had launched Imperium Personal Training in partnership with the friend and personal trainer who had helped her conquer depression.

Rebecca and her business partner threw themselves into learning everything they needed to know to run and develop their business, including completing courses in nutrition, finance, business and self-help. Over four years, Imperium developed rapidly: from running personal and group training and nutrition programmes, the company developed specialised programmes, launched online programmes, trained celebrities including Ewan McGregor and became a well-known name within the fitness industry whilst generating a turnover of $250,000 in just two years. Rebecca is most proud of the community which Imperium created and the community awards won.

After reassessing her passion, values and visions for her own life, Rebecca started her next enterprise alone in June 2014. Perth Elite Chix grew rapidly enough within its first six months for Rebecca to bring two friends on board as business partners, and secured the role of Perth Crusader for the League of Extraordinary Women. She currently mentors three other women in the process of pursuing their own ventures, and recognizes the importance of mentors in helping entrepreneurs retain a sense of the bigger picture for their own businesses. Rebecca has big hopes for 2015, and moving forward she is working on a new project which aims to guide women in the creation of a work-life balance, unraveling their true values and goals, and to help women find not just the why but also the how in their lives.

“I want to educate women as much as I could about why we need to do certain things. I also saw too many women not knowing what they wanted in life, or giving up their own health because of family or work commitments. I wanted to educate them on the balance and importance of doing everything that they want.”

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