Rare Birds + CAMP partner to destroy gender bias towards female entrepreneurs

Who run the world? Girls!
Hitting Gender Equality Where It Hurts

Inspiring Rare Birds and the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) today announced a new partnership that aims to destroy gender bias towards female entrepreneurs and strengthen the relationship between entrepreneurial communities in China and Australia.

The diverse CAMP program recruits men and women equally into the 100-day, 100-person strong cross-border training course. However, Andrea Myles, CEO and Founder of CAMP, said that a longitudinal study of CAMP alumni showed that women graduating from the program faced greater barriers to success because of gender bias.

“If all of our candidates had the same opportunities after graduating from CAMP as they do when they’re accepted, we would see significantly higher rates of success for our female graduates,” said Myles. 2016 research from EY in partnership with the Women Presidents’ Organisation shows that only 1% of female founders access VC funding, 97.81% of all venture capital funding was awarded to men leaving 2.19% of female led businesses funded (ref).

“Despite venture-backed companies led by women performing equally as well, if not better than men, what we’re seeing when women step out of the CAMP program and into the business world is that their entrepreneurial potential is not recognised as much as their male counterparts,” continued Myles.





The partnership with Inspiring Rare Birds will transform the experience of female CAMP graduates and set them up for long-term success. Founded by Jo Burston, one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Rare Birds serves a global tribe of women entrepreneurs with captivating events, intelligent education programs, world-class mentoring, grants and amplified female voices through their speaker agency.

“CAMP participants are the best and brightest entrepreneurs China and Australia have to offer the world. They are tackling global problems with innovative solutions and if only half of them are being recognised, that’s a massive problem,” Burston said.

Rare Birds will now be embedded into the award-winning CAMP program, hosting events and workshops for female entrepreneurs in Beijing and Sydney. At the end of the 100 day program, they will be taken under our wing, welcomed into the community and offered support to realise the full potential of their businesses. Burston also added that Rare Birds aims to launch in China by the end of 2018 and the partnership with CAMP is the first step towards making this a reality.

Applications are now open for the CAMP 2018 Summit where millennial entrepreneurs will be immersed in a 100-day cross border innovation program like no other. Millennial entrepreneurs should apply at http://bit.ly/RareBirdsCAMP18 or go to inspiringrarebirds.com to find out more about Rare Birds.

Who run the world? Girls!
Hitting Gender Equality Where It Hurts

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