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After working for 14 years in the recruitment industry, Nadene Barretto knew there had to be a more personal, cost-effective and honest way to provide a quality recruitment service that truly prioritised its candidates.

Feeling frustrated with the rigid structure of the recruitment industry, and looking for a balance between raising her three young children and staying in a career that she loved, Nadene was inspired to found her own business.

‘‘The recruitment industry has been taking the mickey for too long and I wanted to change that.’’

This business was Eight Recruitment: an Australia-wide company built to shake up the competitive recruitment industry. The business was named Eight Recruitment for its guaranteed rate of 8 percent on all permanent placements across the construction, finance, engineering and health industries. Eight Recruitment’s efficient business model deviates from the traditions of the industry, offering a fee less than half of industry standard by eliminating the costs of unnecessary infrastructure and overheads.

Nadene’s dedication to giving back to the community through sponsorship resonates with her candidate-centred business philosophy.

She believes in the importance getting the right person in the right culture, creating the right environment with the right employer – particularly in a people-based industry such as recruitment. A significant part of Nadene’s success with Eight Recruitment has been her generosity of spirit, which is intrinsic to all her business decisions. “I interview candidates over a coffee or lunch. I’m very old-school and personal,” says Nadene.

Nadene is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship as she has grown up surrounded by strong women. “However”, says Nadene, “given the times they grew up in, they were not fortunate enough to be given the opportunities that women entrepreneurs are given today. Having three young children (two very strong little women on my hands), I am very passionate about showing them that if you believe in yourself, work hard and stay focused on your goals, you can do it”.

Nadene is an Inspiring Rare Birds Global Ambassador and a strong advocate of Jo Burston’s mantra “if she can I can”.

Would you like to nominate a high calibre entrepreneur or business leader to be a Rare Birds Global Ambassador? Contact Rare Birds Community Leader Sarah Coull to find out more:

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Why everyone is talking about 'smart technology'
Rare Birds launches a comic book about entrepreneurship

  1. How does a single mum reinvent herself and passion for a valuable career after taking time away from her goals to raise her children alone.? I have no resume all my references are no longer where they we’re nor are some of the places I managed and ran like small businesses opening, placing takings into the safe, inventory, setting the alarm and running to lockup. I worked as soon as I was of age after school and in holidays I gained my HSC I worked cash in hand positions 7 days a week from 630am until 11pm at night and now it seems all for nothing. I’m studying a diploma of business, management, hospitality, tourism learning meeting management, event management, induction and recruitment processes, document building, policies, procedures have gained my 1st aide, my RSA and RCG certificates all this year but no one will take me seriously when I answer every question in class and have a grasp and understanding of business and it’s processes but the gap just puts the young ones ahead of me. I really need this purpose I’d love it and be the best candidate if I could just get my foot in the door and show my skills and work on others.
    Sorry to bore you and Thankyou for your time and ear. I admire you and love to write as well

    Kind regards


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