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Forest bathing: the Japanese art of destressing
Lessons from growing businesses that failed

Looking for the perfect match? Let me introduce you to my contact book of well-connected high-calibre mentors.

Knowing where to look for a mentor can be daunting. Approaching a potential mentor even more so. As my dear friend from Vinomofo Andre Eikmeier told InTheBlack recently, “Just like when you’re dating, you don’t want to come on too strong, too soon. For example, don’t just go up to someone after a conference talk, say hi, then email them asking to mentor you.” It’s difficult to know when the right time to ask might be.

Even if you’ve selected someone that you’d like to approach, how can you be sure that they are the right fit? Sure, they might have experience in the same field as you, but what is their leadership style? Will you be inspired or feel pushed? How do you best learn and thrive and can they meet those needs?

The perfect mentoring partnership is based on far more synergies than just business; personal traits and approaches to problem-solving that you can’t simply find on someone’s LinkedIn profile should also be taken into consideration.

The Rare Birds mentoring program uses complex algorithms and in-depth interviews to find the perfect match and is available to all women entrepreneurs as well as to corporates as a way to create a clear pathway for and retain their high potential women leaders.

My contact book is loaded with business executives and Founders looking to share their wisdom. Would you like me to find your perfect match? Sign up or enquire today.

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Forest bathing: the Japanese art of destressing
Lessons from growing businesses that failed

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