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This week we launched our Ambassador program to a packed room of entrepreneurs and business leaders in Melbourne.


Five of the city’s leading entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) who are Rare Birds Global Ambassadors shared their entrepreneurial insights on how we can grow our businesses and communities to achieve growth and diversity.
Here are the top three takeaways.

1. Just start

Entrepreneurship often means being fearless in making the decision to just go for it. PROJECT ROCKIT co-founder Rosie Thomas says to just start because, “it doesn’t matter how good your idea is, if it stays in your head it will go to waste”.

David Fastuca, co-founder of Locomote, says that when he started his company, “we didn’t know we were going into an industry where there was an eight billion dollar company that we were going up against, that had 98 percent of the market share”.

“We just thought we could do something better and we’d go out and do it,” he said.

“Just make the decision and learn. If you fail, great! You learn something that doesn’t work. If it works, great! Amplify it, then move on to something else,” he said.

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2. It is possible to grow a global business from your own city

Managing director of Xero Australia Trent Innes, says that one of the things the Xero team is most proud of is that, “We’ve proven you can actually build a global tech company from this part of the world. You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley – you can actually do it from here.”

He said entrepreneurs shouldn’t limit their sights to local or national growth, because all the resources are available to grow their businesses globally from Melbourne.

3. Diversity is key

Rosie Thomas says the quicker we create diversity across all boards of business, smashing stereotypes and looking at people and businesses through the lens of value, “the quicker we’ll get to solving a lot of problems”.

Do you need a mentor to help fast track your results in these three areas? Contact Rare Birds community leader Sarah Coull at for details about joining the Rare Birds Mentoring Program.

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Grow your network
Tell yourself that you’re great at what you do. Because it’s true

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