Forest bathing: the Japanese art of destressing

Bye bye banks: a guide to alternative capital raising
I'm opening up my contacts book

Not many business owners see it this way, but your mental health is your most critical asset. Mental wellbeing is your foundation. The foundation of a solid house is invisible; we pay it no attention unless it’s faulty. Similarly, your business is built on the foundation of your health and wellbeing and can suffer terribly if neglected.

Burnout is rife amongst business owners, so take time for your well being each day and every week. Replenish not just your body, but also your heart, mind and soul. Your heart helps your business relationships to flourish, your mind supports your strategic decision-making and creativity and your soul helps connect you with meaning, purpose and values.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to recharge and replenish is to reconnect with nature. The Japanese have studied this concept extensively and have coined the term ‘shinrin yoku’, which translates as ‘forest bathing’. Forest bathing is scientifically proven to improve health. According to countless Japanese studies, it boosts immune systems, reduces stress hormones, enhances mental wellness, and bolsters brain health. One report even claims it lowers blood glucose levels among diabetes sufferers. The idea is not a long and strenuous bush walk, but rather to simply wander slowly and find a place to sit and just be for a while. The same can be done on the coast or in a park if need be, but forests are supercharged with nature’s energy (and usually empty of people), making the recharge benefits more pronounced.

Go on, take a bath!

Bye bye banks: a guide to alternative capital raising
I'm opening up my contacts book

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