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How to find a tech co-founder in 10 days
The Rare Birds Ambassador driving social change

This week, we connected Darwin with the global Rare Birds community, as we launched our Ambassador events program with entrepreneurs and business leaders in the local region.



Rare Birds Global Ambassador for Darwin Linda Reeves (Director of Global Labour Solutions) and Rare Birds Founder and CEO Jo Burston discussed diversity, why women should help each other, and the benefits of being an entrepreneur. Here are some of the key takeaways:

1. There are some wonderful by-products to entrepreneurship

Jo says that before she became an entrepreneur, she knew she had more capability and could make more money doing her own thing, but also wanted to become a leader. This was one of her key motivations to becoming an entrepreneur and she knew that to achieve this, “I needed to lead my own ship, my own team”.

Jo says an incredible by-product of being an entrepreneur has also been meeting “extraordinary people in my life from all over the world” – whether they be leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, social connectors or ‘game-changers’.

Linda says that entrepreneurship brought her a sense of “freedom and choice” that really excited her, and the flexibility has allowed her to plan and maximise time with her family.

2. Why it’s important to empower each other

Jo says tall poppy syndrome is “rife” among women and to counteract this it’s really important to “pat each other on the back” and tell people they’ve done a good job.

Linda says it’s important for women to stop being jealous of each other and instead “empower and support each other”. She notes that women build strong relationships with each other and use their feelings more, and this should be encouraged. She says that networking between women is important, and through Rare Birds she has made “a lot of connections” just in the past two months.


Jo says the “underground wire” of women’s networks is powerful. “Women definitely talk… but I don’t tend to talk about where I get my haircut or nails done, I talk about business – providers that worked well, suppliers, customers – and that stuff moves pretty quickly in the networks.

“When organisations do well for us and are good to us we tell our friends and hope they do business with them as well. We avoid certain companies or suppliers if they don’t service us well. I think that’s a great advantage of the ‘underground wire’ of women.”

Do you need a mentor to guide and support you through your own entrepreneurial journey? Contact Rare Birds community leader Sarah Coull at scoull@inspiringrarebirds.com for details about joining the Rare Birds Mentoring Program.

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How to find a tech co-founder in 10 days
The Rare Birds Ambassador driving social change

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