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Mentoring and Community Leader

MC&A Programs (Mentoring, Community and Ambassador Programs) and Partner Negotiations


The MC&A role is to form relationships with entrepreneurs globally, so Rare Birds can establish and grow its mentoring, community and ambassador reach and space. Within Australia, this individual will attract ambassadors internationally, regionally and rurally to grow the program at a grassroots level throughout the country. The MC&A will gain organisational commitment, helping to ensure all Ambassadors are engaged in their contractual commitment to the business.

The MC&A is to grow the Mentoring Program by selling and managing B2B and B2C mentoring services to entrepreneurs and corporates plus attracting entrepreneurs, C suite leaders and experts who would like to mentor others. The program is run through a platform that matches entrepreneurs based on their suitability for each other. The MC&A will introduce founders at all stages of the entrepreneurial cycle to the platform and grow it as a revenue stream.

These roles sit alongside each other, but are considered interwoven, as the mentoring program and community is predicted to grow as connections for the ambassador program also grows.

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