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Winitha Bonney – Rare Birds Ambassador, Melbourne

Winitha Bonney

Winitha Bonney

Thought Leader in the advancement of People of Colour

Winitha Bonney is Australia’s first and foremost Thought Leader in the advancement of People of Colour and in building anti-fragile cultures of allyship. 

In 2021 she was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her extensive work in diversity and inclusion.

She has over 22 years of experience in executive roles, has founded several businesses and is a person with multiple ‘lived experiences’. This has provided Winitha with an incredible amount of unique insights, experiences and expertise to help people of colour become leaders and successful entrepreneurs. And to support leaders and businesses to create inclusive, connected and engaged organisations and communities through an anti-fragile culture of allyship. 

For example, when she was Interim CEO and GM of a 40yo not for profit, she restructured the entire organisation, taking them from the brink of collapse to (sustainable) profitability whilst hitting 80% of her 2 year contracted KPI’s in less than 6 months. During this time she also completed a Masters at RMIT and was the CEO of a NFP she founded and had been running in the 5 years leading up to this time. This intensive work led to the contribution of an inclusive sector founded on equality and integrity. 

Winitha has also worked with Boards responsible for billions of dollars, coached large corporate organisations to test and validate projects using a 6 figure budget instead of an 8 figure budget and directly supported Assistant Commissioners, CEO’s and Pro Vice Chancellors to successfully roll out complex and strategic organisational transformation projects within time, budget and scope. 

She is also the founder of #ColourFULL, Australia’s first leadership and entrepreneurship conference and awards night by women of colour for women of colour and allies, and Amina of Zaria, a digital platform and private membership membership community that empowers, educates and equips women of colour to succeed in their career, business and life. 

As a Thought Leader and expert, Winitha is obsessed with human, organisational and collective transformation. In particular, how culture drives growth, impact and innovation.

She helps leaders and businesses to create equity and equality for People of Colour with half the amount of resources and double the impact. 

She also helps them to build anti-fragile cultures of allyship where everyone is heard, seen and valued creating true belonging, equity, equality and inclusion. 

Winitha also helps Women of Colour get unstuck, halve the time it takes for them to achieve their goals and experience freedom in being who they always knew they were meant to be. 

What sets Winitha apart is that as a Woman of Colour, she know first hand what it is like to be left out, to have opportunities withheld from you and to feel like you don’t belong in certain communities and organisations. She has stepped into the unknown repeatedly, regardless of fear, in the pursuit of something better for herself, her community and business. This has resulted in growth on various levels. 

Winitha understands the unique problems your facing and has developed a methodology that helps you overcome them.

Her programs provide a safe environment, support, accountability, training and the mentorship you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

She is like a personal trainer for your goals.

Perhaps you are a Woman of Colour who wants to be a leader/entrepreneur and who wants to make their way in the world, but lacks the mentor, coach, support and accountability needed from another Woman of Colour who’s been a CEO/entrepreneur to get you there.

Or maybe you are an leader or an organisation who wants to create a culture of anti-fragility through a inclusive and engaged organisation that actively creates equity, equality and freedom for people from all diverse backgrounds but lacks the expertise, lived experience, support, and know-how needed to get you there.

If you are struggling, you don’t have to do it alone. You can reach out to Winitha at hello@winitha.com