Australia’s $135 billion female entrepreneur gap

How a university student took $200 and created a $1.7 million business in just one year
Rare learnings: So Much More than a Mentor

Research released by Boston Consulting Group in partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation says the economic opportunity for Australia from boosting the number of female entrepreneurs to parity with men would be worth between $71 and $135 billion.

Mecca Founder and Rare Birds luminary Jo Horgan told the Sydney Morning Herald, “It’s the silent minority – it is so much more marked than the corporate world and it doesn’t get anywhere near the coverage.

“It’s easy to measure who is on the board of these ASX companies, who the CEOs are, who are the most senior roles and that is quite transparent,” Jo says.

“Entrepreneurship is not structured in the same way, and by its very nature it is a group of people out on their own trying to achieve things, [so] it’s not talked about in the same way.”

Jo says the key barriers for women entrepreneurs are lack of funding and networks.

“How can you become a significant entrepreneur if you cannot secure the funding?” she says. “That is the first step of most entrepreneurial journeys, getting the money to be able to create the value.”

Jo says while women entrepreneurs often enjoy great support networks, they may not have the necessary networks to access the information, funds or further introductions to other people they need.

This is why Jo Burston created Inspiring Rare Birds. To create a connected community globally that is working to improve women’s economic security through opportunities in leadership and entrepreneurship.

It is not a women’s organisation: the Rare Birds community is comprised of roughly 40% men. Men mentor and are Ambassadors for us, providing crucial access to the very networks to which Jo Horgan refers.

If you would like to be part of this amazing movement of 60,000 people and growing who are actively moving the needle on diversity and inclusion globally, then please join our community. Similarly if you know a woman entrepreneur who could benefit from joining our network, please refer them to the link.

We need to work together, men and women, in order to create any lasting change for women in business. Otherwise we are just shouting in a vacuum.

How a university student took $200 and created a $1.7 million business in just one year
Rare learnings: So Much More than a Mentor

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