Therese Tarlinton

Ambassador Sydney


General Manager, BuddyBid

"I am proud to be part of a tribe of resourceful and resilient people, who always strive to be the best version of themselves. I want to know the stories of Inspiring Rare Birds entrepreneurs and share them with young women to inspire and entice them to stand strong, forge their own adventure and lead a colourful life."

Therese Tarlinton Founder, CEO, ambassador, author and speaker. Creating a global multi-million-dollar company in her twenties, Therese Tarlinton was an entrepreneur before really knowing what it meant. After seeing a baby product brand overseas, she knew Australians would love, she convinced the U.S. based owner to let her import it. That move sparked a company that would change the baby industry in Australia and form connections and partnership around the world. After negotiating the sale of that business, Therese moved into ecommerce working for the ASX listed Grays Ecommerce Group. She introduced the concept of social commerce creating a new revenue channel and customer base for the company, before running their fine jewellery business auctioning over $35m worth of gems and diamonds. After successfully pitching an idea to investors, Therese has left corporate and is building her new company and releasing her first book later this year.