Suzie Beaudoin

Ambassador Montreal

Suzie Beaudoin

Director of Marketing, Negotium Technologies

"To me, becoming a Rare Birds Ambassador means empowering women to become who they truly want to be. In particular, I am passionate about educating girls that an IT Career is no longer a man's world and that there are many career options beyond programming. I want to inspire, educate and make a difference!"

Having previously built her own consultancy firm, Suzie's entrepreneurial spirit has guided her successful career path to run major projects and programs for software companies such as Microsoft. Suzie is a results driven professional with solid experience in solution management, innovative products and services, its ecosystem and strategic marketing. She has a strong customer focus and has delivered business and customer insights for more than 20 years with recognized competencies in communication and leadership. Suzie currently manages the marketing division at Negotium, a knowledge centric technology company. who offer a business-centric strategic approach to technology, implement integrated enterprise knowledge systems and provide infrastructure and support services to mid-market north American companies.