Sjaak Vink

Ambassador Amsterdam


CEO, The Social MedWork

"Entrepreneurs change the world. The more entrepreneurial people dare to realize dreams the better place this world will be! Rare Birds inspires and encourages to go for it. And so will I. "Here's to the crazy ones!"

Sjaak Vink is a social impact entrepreneur, changing the world by building ambitious social businesses. Sjaak loves enterprises that aren’t driven just by profits, but those which have courage to invest in major challenges, encourage breakthroughs, change the game within industries and create transformation for the better of all; companies that create value for society, for the entrepreneurs and for the investors at the same time. For Sjaak, that's what sustainable social entrepreneurship is all about. That's why Sjaak started Virus Participation. And that's what the Virus of entrepreneurial change explores and why it invests in social impact companies like TheSocialMedwork, myTomorrows and www.CuresUnited.com. Game-changing companies that move the world with a passion for life and innovative entrepreneurship!