Shantelle Saiville

Ambassador Canberra


Founder, #Savilife and Savichix TV

Being a Rare Birds Ambassador to me means amplifying my vision with other passionate, like minded people. This collaboration of voices will ensure that the next generation of women can have the confidence, role models and opportunities necessary to maximise their talents, purpose and potential.

Shantelle Saiville is the founder of SAVI CHIX, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls around the world to do as Shantelle has done - 'Be Yourself, Believe in Yourself and Follow YOUR Dreams’. She is also the host of her own TV programme The SAVI CHIX Show, which give young women and girls proof that their dreams are possible and the confidence to go out and pursue them.
At 24 Shantelle had completed a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and was working as the Marketing Manager in the Prestige Automotive Industry. Shantelle then went on to run a corporate gifts business before taking a leap of faith out of the corporate world to found SAVI CHIX.

Shantelle is a regular public speaker for schools and universities through to health and fitness expos, where she speaks on creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and turning your dreams into a reality. She has also been an ANB Fitness Model, using health and fitness to communicate what can be achieved when you put your mind to a goal. Shantelle has collaborated with top brands and businesses to inspire and empower wellness in the community, and has been featured in Women's Health & Fitness magazine on the importance of Mentors and Role Models.