Sean Heylen

Ambassador Adelaide

Sean Heylen

Founder and Partner, Cerca Trova

"I am determined that my daughters grow up in an equitable society that tangibly supports and celebrates entrepreneurship in all its forms. This is how we can solve most of the world’s biggest problems. It is a great honour to be given the opportunity to serve as part of the solution and help fulfill the truly Inspiring Rare Birds vision and mission"

Sean is the Founder and Partner of Cerca Trova, a market entry services, executive management, strategic planning and business coaching provider based in Adelaide. Sean founded Deadline Media (one of Australia’s first website development agencies) in 1996 before selling to a competitor and exiting in early 2014. During 2014 and 2015 he acted as Head of Digital Customer Care and Producer of the “Heroes Program” at Telstra. Sean has served as a global leader for the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation as President – South Australia Chapter 2010/2012, Area Director Australia & New Zealand 2011/2012, and Regional Director – Asia Pacific 2012/2014. He strongly believes that helping entrepreneurs learn, grow and become great leaders of their businesses and communities ‘is how we can solve most of the world’s biggest problems’.

Served as a global leader for the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation:

President - South Australia Chapter 2010/2011