Phil Ore

Ambassador Melbourne

Rare Birds Con 2016. Photo: Tim Lumsdaine

Co-Founder, Marketing Entourage

I am truly honoured to be a Rare Birds Ambassador. Since our initial conversation I have always been inspired by Jo’s passion and drive to make a difference to the next generation of entrepreneurs. I want all children, including my own, to understand how entrepreneurship is an option in their lives. Supporting the Rare Birds movement is essential to making female entrepreneurship 'business as usual' globally for our next generation.

Phil Ore is a global entrepreneur who has founded three successful companies - Ore Consulting (business advisor, MC and keynote speaker), Marketing Entourage (co-founder of a human-centred marketing consultancy) and Entrepreneurs&Co (co-founder of a social enterprise focused on helping entrepreneurship and innovation in Australia).

Phil has had a fulfilling career with many global roles with customers in over 130 countries. From roles including Global Director of Customer Experience and Global Head of Customer Marketing at Nokia along with Global Head of Brand Architecture at Nokia Siemens Networks, Phil has travelled the world with his work and had the opportunity to see the impact that female entrepreneurship can make. Now with a broad range of clients, Phil strives to guide purpose driven businesses on their path towards achieving their goals and gets a real buzz from helping them succeed. Phil is a firm believer in GSD (let’s call it ‘Getting Stuff Done’) and is fascinated by innovation, tech enablement and especially supporting purpose driven businesses.