Paul Kirchoff

Ambassador Austin

CEO, SaleAMP Inc.

"There is no greater responsibility for veteran entrepreneurs than to support aspiring business owners with our knowledge, resources and leadership. Only with a strong foundation can they more readily create tomorrow's jobs, wealth and value. Rare Bird’s meteoric growth and impact on the lives of women entrepreneurs ensures inclusion, diversity and thought leadership. It is not a women’s organization. Our efforts transcend geographies, race and gender. This is a movement by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that will ensure responsible leadership among our future business leaders."

Paul is a veteran digital marketing software and services entrepreneur having sold two companies to larger public and private players. He holds over 20 years of digital marketing experience across all facets of digital marketing with experience delivering breakthrough results for companies like Dell, Lenovo, National Parks, Carfax and many institutions in the competitive field of higher education.
Paul has spoken at major conferences as an industry leader in digital demand generation and marketing operations and has been the vision and the muscle behind some of the internet marketing industry’s most well known gurus. His experience spans the full gamut of digital marketing: search engines, paid advertising, content marketing, digital PR, social advertising and media management, reputation management, conversion marketing, and many other emerging channels.
Prior to building, growing and selling his ventures, Paul had an enormously successful career at Dell computer corporation where he was awarded the Chairman award for founding many highly successful business units including Inspiron (zero to $1.5B in 11 months).