Mick Spencer

Ambassador Canberra

Mick SPencer

Founder and CEO, On The Go Sports

"Female entrepreneurship is a deep passion of mine, and I support fully the vision of 1 Million new Female Entrepreneurs by 2020."

Despite adversity and health challenges, Mick has constantly lived outside his comfort zone. This helped him to find his true purpose at a very young age – to be adventurous and getting teaching others the joys of sport. After a 12 month gap year in the Hawaiian Islands (helping children become healthy and active) Mick founded ONTHEGO® at age 18. He had a mere $150 in his bank account, but a vision to build a brand that could inspire people to move. ONTHEGO® is now one of Australia’s and the world’s fastest growing sports apparel brands. Mick continues to instil the vision of the brand into the company on a daily basis, maintaining full control over design and development of products, integrating technology and supply chain capabilities to ensure further innovation of the company, and ensuring the brand is growing in line with the strategy and values. Mick has a personal range of advisors and mentors to the company, including industry experts who have been the brains and minds behind some popular Australian and worldwide companies including David Jones and Billabong.