Linda Reeves

Ambassador Darwin

Director, Global Labour Solutions

It’s an honour to be part of the Rare Birds vision as an Ambassador for Northern Territory. I am very passionate about empowering women to move outside of the boundaries of social stereotyping and to explore their individual entrepreneurial talents.

Linda migrated to Australia from Indonesia, and faced challenges in completing two Bachelor Degrees and a Master Degree and then being a woman competing for management positions in Australia. Her father was in business in Indonesia and was a big influence on Linda growing up, teaching her to be independent and always challenge and believe in herself.
Two years ago Linda started Global Labour Solutions, a labour hire and recruitment company that at first specialised in harvest labour – the only female contractor in the Northern Territory at that time supplying harvest labour. Linda cold-called her first farm, who saw something in her and gave her a chance. What followed this was hard work and long hours. She then received referrals off her first client to other clients and saw her business really grow. Linda’s clients are all Australian companies, some of which are involved in export. Her staff are local, indigenous, and multicultural, coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.