Kylah Morrison

Ambassador Pilbara/Western Australia

Founder, Maverick Effect

"Becoming a Rare Birds Ambassador means connecting myself and the other incredible entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs with other like-minded women outside the region. Providing a collective voice at a national level for the women achieving great things in our region as well as information and support for them in their journeys."

Kylah is a business leadership coach, speaker and president of the Karratha & Districts Chamber of Commerce & Industry. She motivates and equips teams for peak performance. Cutting her teeth as a drilling engineer on the rigs in the north west of Australia, Kylah is no stranger to leading under pressure. The leadership development and team building workshops she facilitates are hands on and unorthodox, getting her clients stuck into model making with lego, finger painting and playing games to reconnect with their WHY. Kylah has worked across numerous industries in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Her knack for breaking down big-picture goals into manageable, realistic tasks leaves clients feeling motivated and inspired to take action and achieve real results. In between inspiring leaders and their teams to perform at their best Kylah loves epic travel adventures with her young family.