Jax Harrison

Ambassador San Francisco


Founder, Jax Harrison Network

"It is a privilege to be included in this amazing group of humans, who are working to provide a platform where entrepreneurship for women is supported and is a choice… choice is a big word here… Rarebirds invites both parties to the conversation and makes the effort to create a safe welcoming and learning environment for women to succeed."

Jax Harrison is the founder of the Jax Harrison Network, an independent Brand Consultant Agency, specializing in emotionally connective visual storytelling. Jax’s success includes working with the Kauffman Foundation and FastTrac, (the entrepreneurial program that assists entrepreneurs in starting and building businesses across the United States.) She also co-founded Biscuit 8, a venture that represents photographers and directors, helping them with the business side of commercial video and photography production. Born in New Zealand, she has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, primarily in public relations and production; specializing in television, film, and still photography. Having lived and worked in many different countries including Australia, England, Central America and South America, her cultural experience is a differentiator and always an asset in the increasingly multi-cultural world we call Earth.