El Kwang

Ambassador Singapore

El Kwang Biz Events Asia 2015 - web

Chief Editorial Officer and Co-Owner, Biz Events Asia

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El Kwang has over 20 years of experience within the hospitality and business events industry. Between 2007 and 2012, his strategic approach to business events generated multi-million-dollar revenue per annum for event management and venue owners, Dockside Group based in Australia; bringing the brand to leading status in the Australian Business Events Industry. In 2014, El became the co-owner of micenet ASIA and founded Biz Events Asia in early May to move the magazine from a traditional trade-news channel to the leading knowledge platform for the business industry in Asia. In 2016, El launched a self-publishing platform called The “Voice” Community on www.bizeventsasia.com that aimed to encourage the industry to speak up and share their thought-leadership opinions. El is heavily involved in a number of committees, conferences and speaking opportunities to promote the utmost importance of professional education and development in the events sector.