David Williams

Ambassador Brisbane


Co-Founder and Director, Gilimbaa

"As a proud new father to a beautiful daughter, it's an opportunity to be part of an important and necessary shift in the narrative that exists to promote and develop female entrepreneurs. I hope that the world that she will inherit, will be profoundly different to the realities of today and I feel privilege to be part of the vision of Rare Bards to give women an opportunity to become entrepreneurs by choice."

David is a proud Wakka Wakka man, with over ten years’ experience working locally and internationally as a cultural performer, artist, educator and designer. Passionate about telling our stories through art, music, design and business in a way that allows others to connect, engage, share and celebrate Aboriginal culture. He is a Co-Founder and Director of Gilimbaa, one of the country’s leading Indigenous strategic communications, public relations and creative businesses in Australia.