Anoushka Gungadin

Global Ambassador - Mauritius, India, Australia

Anoushka 52

Founder, LeaderPreneur

Rare Birds really talks to me as it brings a number of my passions together- entrepreneurial spirit, global connections, gender and impact. Growing up, I was told I could do anything I put my mind to. This has been my magic wand which I want to pass on to my children. I believe everyone should have one. Rare Birds represents this for me. It's an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of a movement so brilliant, bold and necessary.

Anoushka is an entrepreneur CEO, author and speaker and was previously the CEO of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Victoria. She is also the founder of LeaderPreneur, which helps unlock entrepreneurial thinking, build capability and enable impact. Anoushka's lesson of entrepreneurship started at home, learning from her Dad who ran his business along side full-time work. While her Dad was a necessity- entrepreneur then, he was always a hustler, curious to learn and do more. At 24, she launched her first business, whilst in full time employment, unlike her dad, it was her choice.

With more than 15 years of International experience across Africa, Europe & China and India, she brings a high level of cross-cultural, strategic and leadership expertise to her work. She is a Board Director for the Australia India Business Council and CreateCareGlobal. A gender-advocate, she runs youth forums that brings young women and men together to champion gender balance. She has co-authored 4 books in The Nurtured Woman series to empower women globally.