How AI and Machine Learning Will Change Marketing

Meet the Gamechangers: Lisa Burling on creating the life you want
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How AI and Machine Learning Will Change Marketing: Rare Birds Mentor and Marketing Guru from Quip Brands Keeva Stratton has seen the future. 

Content marketing is already being revolutionised by machine learning. You need only look at the tools available through platforms like Adobe’s Creative Cloud to see how design is becoming more automated, as the machines learn our design preferences using AI. We can now build explainer videos, interactive presentations, websites and email marketing, even with just basic design knowledge.

But, understanding how we work and increasing efficiencies in areas like design, really is just the beginning of how AI is going to change marketing. I believe audience research, and the powerful insights this will give to the building of campaigns, the defining of brands, and even the creative choices businesses make, will be AI’s greatest contribution to marketing in the near future.

Through language-based AI data research, we can now gain powerful insights into audience engagement, and emotional engagement in particular. Why is this important? When you understand how people feel about your product, service, brand or advertising campaign, you can better predict their behaviour.

Strong emotions typically elicit an action, and by analysing petabytes of language-based data (the words published online via articles, social media comments, video, etc.) you can gain a clear picture of whether there has been an intensity of emotional engagement, how deep that engagement is, and whether it’s positive or negative.

If you think about words, they are always an indication of feelings and emotions. Words can be happy or sad, angry or calm – they literally say so much.

Marketers have long known that great storytelling is critical to effective marketing. Story is built on emotional engagement, and if AI can open the door to better understanding the emotional engagement of an audience, imagine the possibilities for defining brands and building campaigns! Thanks to AI, we don’t have to wait any longer.

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Meet the Gamechangers: Lisa Burling on creating the life you want
Mentor? Yes you can!

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