Therese Kerr on why she’s a Rare Birds Mentor


Why have you decided to come on board as a Rare Birds Mentor?

I believe we are born with unlimited potential, what happens is we lose sight of that. What I want to encourage, especially in young women, because we see so many men who are high profile, big executives and so on, that women have equal ability to be that. The challenge is getting women to believe in themselves; that is what I want to inspire and teach, that these women have everything they need to be whatever they want to be.

What hard skills and soft skills do you think you can offer an aspiring entrepreneur?

In terms of hard skills, I guess strategy and looking at individuals business’ or ideas. And being able to see what the possibility is for that idea.

Personally I would love to mentor by way of showing people that we really have what we need to do anything, [to make people aware] that we have this belief system that we adopt but never really choose. Being able to distinguish that and then being able to create and recreate yourself and find what is possible. And to be able to lift those limits.

The other thing that I can bring is the financial side. I’ve been in accounting all my life, which has stood me in good stead all my life, in my own business. It is about making sure that you are rewarded when you are putting so much work into it. But really also about being able to be much bigger than yourself, being a contribution [to the world?]

Because that is where I believe true business is heading and that is were true business should be. It is about actually being a contribution to others and in that you get everything that you desire in your life.

Small things that happen in our past actually build a framework for how we go about our entrepreneurial journeys – how would you work with that?

There are 3 pivotal points in your life. One when you are very young and you choose your way of being. What happens is you are born , you are born with unlimited potential but something happens and it’s like, bang. And it leads you to thinking you have to be this way, and then another thing happens and you think you have to behave that way too.

I know exactly the point when I chose to be a certain way, a people pleaser. Being able to distinguish that allows you to be the awareness behind those thoughts.


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