Solving The Problem Of How To Scale Your Business

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Scaling your business can be daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone


The Rare Birds 2016 Mentorship Program is designed to help founders and co-founders fast track to success by engaging an entrepreneur who can help you navigate, harness your potential and share the lessons learned – all of which can ultimately grow your bottom line!

The program is a 12-month journey, which asks for every candidate to commit to four hours each month with their mentor. To apply, simply register online with Rare Birds and fill in the questionnaire which highlights five key areas of focus for your year ahead in business. Once completed, interviews will be conducted with the program’s director. Matches are then introduced to each other, deciding together on the most effective means of communication, be it across the globe or across the coffee table. After all, distance is no barrier.

The Rare Birds 2016 mentoring program has three categories: emerging entrepreneurs (those who have been in business less than three years); established entrepreneurs (those who have been in business longer than three years), and our corporate package, which includes a minimum of two spaces for employees as mentorees in the program.

As Rare Birds founder Jo Burston explains, “I am a CEO and managing director in both of my companies, and I have no business partners, yet I never feel alone as I have that support and that brains trust. I get to have people around me, my mentors, who are extraordinary visionaries – they take it to a whole new level. I previously thought my company would just be an Australian company but now, with everything I do, I can’t help but think global”.

Are you scaling your business and finding it challenging? Julie Hellewell manages the Rare Birds 2016 Mentoring Program and can tell you more about how a mentor could help. Email